The Butler Notary
We Are Authorized To Notarize All Documents Capable of a Missouri Notary Public
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The Butler Notary
We Are Authorized To Notarize All Documents Capable of a Missouri Notary Public
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The Butler Notary
We Are Authorized To Notarize All Documents Capable of a Missouri Notary Public
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Do you need to apostille your document(s) for use in a foreign country?

Don’t know who to turn to or how the process works?

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You’ve come to the right place, let The Butler Notary help you!

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About Booking

In-Person Appointments

Please provide as much pertinent information as possible to ensure that your notary scheduling goes smoothly. Including if you will need office essentials such as printing, scanning, and document delivery via post mail.

Please be prepared to wear a mask during your appointment as we all caution the spread of Covid-19.
If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.

Remote Online Notarization Booking

What You Need:

How It Works:

1) Upload documents

2) Confirm identity via KBA security questions

3) Meet your notary pro via audio/video session

4) Pay for services

5) Receive notarized documents

Important Announcement

All clients MUST present valid identification at the time of service.

Types of Accepted Identification: State Driver’s license, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID, Government ID

Appointment Policy and Fees

– All signers must have either a valid form of identification, a credible witness, or provide substantial evidence to confirm ID (at the discretion of the notary)


– Accepted IDs: State driver’s license, State ID card, Passport, Military ID


– Please do not sign documents before in the presence of a notary


– Please note that each notarial appointment is unique in its own way. At times, it may be difficult to provide a solid quote without first reviewing the documents (Fees are variable based on venue, distance, appointment duration, type of document, urgency, witnesses, and number of notarial acts)


– If your document is rejected due to an action of a representative of The Butler Notary, you will receive a complimentary re-sign


– If your document is rejected because improper information, filing, or any other reason, you will be charged for a secondary service at full price

Mileage Fees Start At $35

(All booked in-person appointments will require a minimum $35 booking fee that will be applied to mileage fee)

*State Notarial fees will not exceed $5 per Jurat/Acknowledgment + $5 per additional signature for in-person appointments.

Remote Online Sessions

– $35 technology fee+ $5 per Jurat/Acknowledgment + $5 per additional signature

– $50 per witness


– Expired or improper identification, signer appears non-alert, signer appears under duress, signer not present.

– All documents must be completed in their entirety before notarization.

– Please do not sign documents prior to being in the presence of a notary.

Cancellations after travel: Mileage fee (non-refundable)

Cancellations within 4 hours of appointment (non-refundable booking fee)

Why Choose The Butler Notary Services

We take the hassle out of legal transactions involving notarized documents!

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frequently asked questions

No, notaries cannot notarize recordable documents. This means anything that is recorded in a governmental database is prohibited from notarization i.e. death certificates, birth certificates, mugshots, divorce certificates social security cards

The State of Texas allows for notaries to gather substantial evidence for proof of true identity. This means a number of different forms of documentation may be shown to the notary as evidence.
You may also elect a credible witness.
A credible witness is a known individual to the signer, who swears on oath that their identity is true and correct as claimed.
Be advised, it is at the notaries discretion on what he/she feels is sufficient as to the proof of identity.
*Note: To prevent delay of services, The Butler Notary recommends a valid form of identification, if available.

All notarial acts require a face-to-face transaction. We are NOT authorized to verify identity or perform an actual notarization over the phone. Please inquire about our remote online notary services!

Yes! Absolutely, we do require that any notarial certificate provided with the documents must be in English. You may opt to have your entire document translated by a certified translator in the English language. The Butler Notary can refer you to a translation service, if desired.

Depending on which type of notarial certificate your document contains, this may be okay. However, we encourage our clients not to sign or date any signature portions of the document until a notary professional is able to assist you.
This way, we can be sure of the accuracy in procedural process.

Anybody potentially receiving a financial gain from any transaction is prohibited to be a witness for any said document. We encourage our clients to choose a witness unrelated by blood or marriage and over the age of 18 to serve as a witness. If you are unable to locate one, we will provide one for you for an additional nominal fee.

Our notary professionals are well versed with the laws and options of clients signing with disabilities.
We will adhere to those options if the information is disclosed at booking.

The Butler Notary is NOT an attorney office. We are unable to provide any legal advice. We encourage you to contact an attorney who can help you with your particular case.
We partner with some of the best attorneys who may assist you with your estate planning at a fee separate from The Butler Notary service fees.
We also offer informational resources on assistance with lawyer based needs.

The Butler Notary can recommend resources to you but, will not assist you in how to fill out the said document.

Each desired notarized document must contain notarial language. The Butler Notary will provide a notarial certificate for you however, you must choose the one best suited for attachment to your document.

The Butler Notary has a policy that reads in-person cancellations are admissible for a full refund within 24 hours prior of the scheduled appointment. If your appointment is cancelled on the appointment day your $35 booking fee for in-person services will be non-refundable.

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